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Fabulous images surround us--powerful, quirky, beautiful--if we only look. The photographs in this gallery capture some of what I see when I look. In many ways these images reflect my natural tendency toward Contemplative Photography, a school of photography which emphasizes clearing your mind and opening your senses to truly see what is before you, without labels or preconceptions. Throughout my other galleries, you will notice the strong influence Contemplative Photography has on my work.
DecorationSpiral BeginningEmergingCrystal GardenCaughtThe Vineyard WallPemaquid Light Caught in the  RocksTwilight sailboat mast reflectionMarsh DanceLines and RipplesGreen Zebra RainSunset DropsLilly CenterCalifornia ColorFlowers Through the RainSerendipityLeaf on a Car WindowAnemone Dance