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Unearthed Landscapes settle somewhere between the real and the imagined—not of the earth, but shaped by the same forces as natural terrain. They are unearthed from deterioration and decay on various surfaces distressed by the elements. These miniature scenes conjure vast, striking landscapes, divorced from any sense of their original small scale. Organic layers of texture, shape and color transform into striated mountains and foggy mornings and coastal cliffs beating back the sea. These images symbolize the resilience of beauty, ceaselessly emerging from unlikely, seemingly ugly places. The series contemplates the duality of destruction and creativity, what is worthless or worthwhile.
TetonsSea CliffsBlue Mountain SunriseSpiresCanyonlandsGlacier BayHokusai WaveA Starry NightMorning CliffsTam RisingSnow-Capped Mountain with Calligraphy by the SeaSand Dune MoonriseMoonlit Icebergs