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The landscapes of Marin County, where I live, and naturally striking landscapes that I visit, inspire my photography. Birds and other wildlife are so integral to a landscape, bringing such great personality, that they are also frequent subjects. In addition to literal portrayals, I often capture the emotion or essence of an experience. I primarily achieve this through intentional camera motion, creative depth of field, subject isolation and imagination. Although the majority of my work derives from the natural world, I am also inspired by unique architecture, small towns, country lanes and my own back yard.

When I first began to pursue photography, I noticed that landscapes and reflections, in particular, drew me--undoubtedly the result of my favorite childhood image, in person and print, of Pemaquid Lighthouse, reflected in a tidal pool nestled in the linear, granite rocks.

Photography makes me look. When I look, I find powerful images surrounding us. Abstract art emerges from an architectural detail or a fetid city alley. Hawks catch mice and Blue Heron fish in the most unlikely places. Fog, seasons and sun constantly refresh the landscape. I seek to find scenes that arrest me, sometimes not fully appreciating why until after I've captured the image. These photographs uncover something singular that we might otherwise overlook or take for granted.

Capturing on camera the images I see poses constant challenge and adds another layer to the great fun of looking.

I graduated from Princeton in 1990 and delved into an eleven year career in finance, initially working on Wall Street as an investment banker and then as an equity research analyst in San Francisco. The years immediately following contained a mix of motherhood (raising a special needs son and a typical son), fundraising (both professionally and as a volunteer) and various Board positions. In subsequent years, I turned to my true passion. I am constantly looking closely at the world around me, endeavoring to create compelling photographs from those observations.

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